Friday, January 4, 2008

In the Outback

Here's a stunning view of Ayer's Rock, deep in the Australian outback. But imagine my disappointment when I tried to get closer and found it was surrounded on all sides by one of those red no-entry barriers!

You can get there by first locating the Billabong Bar in Search. It's an authentic-looking outback tavern, where there always seems to be a party going on! If you can still walk after your friendly reception, head out the back door and keep going west. You can't miss Ayer's Rock. On the way, see if you can find the didgeridoos hidden in the bush... follow the sound! There's also a lovely oasis out there somewhere. But I didn't see a single kangaroo!

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Domiziano Ferraris said...

Hi Rachel, lovely blog. I met you quite along time ago. I was too much interested in my biz to spend time enough in travelling. Now after LL banking Ban I have loads of time LOL. I will visit the sites u show here in your blog. I suggest the use of slurls, if possible, to make the visit easyer(the search tab in SL is always a mess)
Ciao Rachel hope to meet u again someday somewhere ;-)