Sunday, July 12, 2009

An English country house

The Trinovantes region has a lovely recreation of an English country home. The surrounding grounds aren't much to look at, except for a big black horse. But the objects and textures inside the house look very authentic. Someone obviously spent a lot of time creating them. Make sure to have a peek in the kitchen!

I saw some signs of a cat in residence, but not the kitty itself. And on one of the stairways I heard some whispering! Could the place be haunted? Best not to visit after dark, just in case!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

LagNmoor Castle

I spent many hours wandering around the castle and grounds of the old LagNmoor parcel that was situated on the mainland. Imagine my disappointment when one day my LagNmoor landmark took me to an empty space! But later I found the owner had moved to his own private island, there to rebuild the great castle on an even grander scale.

To visit the castle, use the Search field on the map to find the LagNmoor region, then click the TP button. You'll find the castle at the top of the highest mountain. It's quite a hike from the landing point! But there's plenty of other interesting medieval-style buildings, furniture, ornaments, etc. to see there as well.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

On the road again!

Things have changed a lot since my last report on the SL roadways! (See 15 August 2007) The Linden "moles" have been hard at work upgrading the roads all over SL: levelling and paving, building bridges, and installing signs. They've even set aside some areas where you can rez your own car or boat.

Here's a webpage where you can see maps of all the new SL routes:

Take a trip on Route 10: it goes right past my house!

You'll now find that the roads are much easier to locate on the SL viewer map. Have fun exploring; but drive carefully!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Art For Everyone!

In the canal district of Schwanson Schlegel you'll find Cecilia Delacroix's extensive Art Campus. Taking up almost the entire region, there are several galleries here, exhibiting contemporary art, and a superb collection of impressionist paintings. There's even a gallery of fine wine labels, from Cecilia's own cellar!

Be sure to take the new monorail ride around the campus, and watch out for the full-sized replica of one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous architectural creations. (Look closely at the upper-right corner of the photo.)

Don't try to see everything in one visit! This is a place you'll return to again and again.