Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The Casablanca sim was built to represent Morocco, rather than the famous Bogart movie. The photo shows the Hassan Mosque and its gardens, from a balcony at the Casablanca Cafe. You can listen to both traditional and contemporary Moroccan music while you're there. Seek out one of the two soccer fields and have a game! There's also a big traditional souk (i.e. marketplace) with all kinds of Moroccan merchandise for sale, a beach, and a harbour. Numerous clickable information tags throughout the sim will tell you about the history and architecture of the place. And if you're there at the right time, you might find me practising my belly dancing at the cafe!

To get there, open the Map and type "Casablanca" in the Search field, then click the Teleport button. The TP landing point is located in the plaza between the mosque and the bazaar.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Travel Advisory

I found this pleasant-looking castle on the east side of the road through the Imperial region. But things are not as they appear! There's a region boundary that passes right beneath the drawbridge. When I crossed it I ignored my own advice (see my post of 24 August) and ended up falling through the floor into the dungeon below. It was full of all kinds of extremely nasty-looking torture equipment. Fortunately none of it was in use. The code of the SL explorer forbids TP-ing out of trouble, except as a last resort. But I was able to find my way out on foot, and made it back to the road without too much trouble.

But as I continued northwards down the road I found this lovely vineyard in the Obscure region, which raised my spirits.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Great Linden Wall

Here's one end of the Great Linden Wall, in the Horisme region. To get an idea of just how great it is, that's me at the bottom of the ramp! The wall passes through perhaps a dozen regions.

Be sure to read the boundary-crossing tips in my last blog entry: if you fall through the surface of this thing, it's very hard to get out again!

To get there, open the map and type "Horisme" in the Search field. The wall is easy to see on the map, with its end near the southern boundary of the region. Then just click on the map where you want to land, and press the Teleport button.