Sunday, January 20, 2008

Real Life in SL

Some people like to recreate parts of the physical world (that place where we keep our computers) in the virtual world of SL. One of my favourite places to visit are recreations of real-world cities.

The picture shows a view of Barcelona, and someone who's been to the RL city told me that the sim is quite accurate. This is the view down Las Ramblas. That column you can see in the distance is the monument to Christopher Columbus.

Other accurate city sims that I've found in SL are London, Paris, Dublin, Istanbul, and New York.

There's no way to get Search to simply list all the RL city sims, so you just have to think of a name and type it in to see whether it's present in SL. If you use the region name search field on the Map, sometimes you'll get a negative result even when a sim does exist. For example, the region that hosts New Orleans is called "Big Easy".

If you find a good RL city simulation somewhere, leave me a blog comment so I can go visit!

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jayne said...

hi - thanks for the info on RL=SL cities. could you post the slurls or names used to find these places? I know a few people working on a compilation too and would be happy to share lists with you, I'm sure. Thanks, jayne