Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Sistine Chapel

The Vassar College island has a beautiful replica of the Vatican's Sistine Chapel, where the popes are elected (the white puff of smoke, etc), and where Michelangelo painted his famous ceiling frescos. Walk into the chapel about half way, switch to mouse view, then look up! It's breathtaking: one of the best examples I've seen of an SL representation of the real world. You can spend ages there just standing in one spot and looking at the paintings, there are so many of them.

Also on view are Raphael's tapestries, but only for thirty seconds at a time, for some reason!

Before (or during) your visit, I recommend having a look at the Vatican website for the Sistine Chapel, at this address:

There's lots of information there. And you can also get a good idea of how accurate the SL representation is!

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