Monday, August 20, 2007

Tropical Rainforest

As its name suggests, The Rainforest simulates a Central American rain forest setting, with lush vegetation and an ancient Aztec pyramid. The picture shows the big pyramid to the north of the TP landing point. There's a dance floor at the top.

East of the landing point is a paved pathway through the jungle, with other paths branching off of it. Be sure to have your SL speakers switched on to hear all the exotic jungle sounds! I'm not sure how biologically accurate the vegetation is, but it's pretty anyway. There are lots of winding jungle pathways to explore, and there's even a train ride somewhere.

Keep in mind that some parts of this sim are residential, and not open to the general public.

To get here, type "rainforest" in Search, select "The Rainforest" entry, and press the Teleport button.

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