Monday, August 13, 2007

Trinity College, Dublin

Most people visit the Dublin sim for the Blarney Stone pub, but there's lots more to see there. Today I was at Trinity College, whose gates are just to the east of the TP landing point. The architecture is very well done, and people who've been to the RL Dublin say it's a lot like the real thing. Be sure to check out the replica of the Book of Kells, in a room just off the entrance corridor.

To get to Dublin, go to the Places tab of Search, type "dublin" in the text field, and select "Dublin in SL" in the list that appears. Then press the Teleport button. There's also an entry in that list that will take you directly to the courtyard of the college, where I took the pic on this page.

Other Dublin attractions include the Guinness Brewery. See if you can find it yourself in the winding streets!

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