Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On the Road

The Linden roadways wind all over the mainland continents of SL. They are all protected no-build land, so there is no junk lying around, and you don't run into those infuriating red "no entry" barriers. The roads pass through lots of lovely scenery, and there are many fascinating things that people have built alongside. If you like exploring and encountering things by chance, wandering the roads is just the thing for you!

The roadways aren't listed in Search at all. The only way to find them is by using the map. But only a small fraction of them are paved, so they're not easy to spot. In built-up areas, look for long narrow sections of bare ground. You'll see "protected land" at the top of your screen when you're standing on a roadway, and Governor Linden will be listed as the owner. If you choose to fly rather than walk, turn on Property Lines in the View menu to stay on course and to avoid crashing into those damned red barriers.

For some reason, portions of the roadway network won't let you set landmarks to keep track of your explorations. But it's easy enough to write the region name and the XY coordinates on a notecard so you can find your way back later.

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